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Networing Services

image D-Link's DGS-1224T Web Smart 24-Port Gigabit Switch D-Link's DGS-1224T Web Smart™ Gigabit Switch blends Plug-&-Play simplicity with exceptional performance and reliability to create a cost-effective solution for a small to medium office.

Features and Benefits
  • D-Link Green Technology

  • 24Gbps Switching Capacity

  • 8K MAC Address Table

  • True Plug & Play


HP ML 150 Enclosure brings new capabilities to HP Blade System. Now available in either a Tower model or rack model,

Specifications: - Quad Core 2.33 GHz, RAM 2GB, HDD 146GB X2, RAID1 (OS), Enclosure for DATA of HDD 146GBX6, with RAID5 (DATA) Support Operating System: - Windows Storage Server 2003 Release 2, Standard Edition pre-installed

image Many businesses have invested in faster Internet connectivity, only to see it bottlenecked as their firewall struggles with higher volumes of emerging threats. The results: poor network performance, barely adequate protection and overall frustration. It’s time to unchain your network. And for many businesses, downtime is just not an option. How can your business stay productive and profitable if you lose access to your firewall, VPN or ISP? If your primary infrastructure fails, you need to be certain that your network—and your business—won't skip a beat. Here's performance you can rely on.

  • Protection - Keep your network safe from new and evolving threats

  • Performance - Remove the network performance bottleneck

  • Flexibility - Fits into any distributed enterprise or small organization

  • Ease-of-Use - Easy to set up, operate and manage

  • Business Continuity - Failover, fallback and more


Unified Administration – manage inbound, outbound, email, workflow and web interactions

Unified Routing – apply unified routing strategies across your contact center

Unified Reporting – eliminate the need to integrate reporting data from multiple point solution data sources

Automatic Call Distribution – answer calls & intelligently route them to available Agents based on the customer profile, service level goals and agent availability Predictive Dialing Capabilities

  • Automatic

  • Preview

  • Predictive

  • Blaster

  • Precision

  • Advanced pacing algorithms

  • Voice, fax, modem, mobile phone and industry leading answering machine detection

  • Quota Control

  • Service dialing control based on disposition

  • Outbound Voice Portal (IVR) -proactive customer service

  • Scheduled Callback (Agent/Service)

Voice Portal – deliver rich voice self-service applications to your customers via standard speech enabled VoiceXML or dual tone multi frequency (DTMF) applications

  • Internet Contact Capabilities

  • Web Chat & Collaboration

  • Email Management

  • Quality Management
  • Call and Screen Monitoring

  • Call and Screen Recording

  • Agent Scoring

  • Recording and Monitoring
  • Voice, chat and collaboration recording & monitoring

  • Agent activity monitoring – silent, coaching, barge-in, remote

  • Real time statistics monitoring

  • Pause, fast forward, rewind, high speed or slow speed audio playback controls

  • Search capabilities: agent, service, classification, phone number, date range, user data

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    • Dual mains input Increases availability by allowing the UPS to be connected to two separate power sources.

    • Scalable runtime Allows additional run time to be quickly added as needed.

    • Battery modules connected in parallel Delivers higher availability through redundant batteries.

    image Mentor E Services provides placement and deployment of manpower services. We have a databank of qualified professional engineers. Our Human Resource team excels in recruitment and training, which results in retention of skills engineers. Our presence in various countries has unabled us to provide personnel with different cultures, background and varied experience.

    We can provide man power for
    • Network Planner

    • Network Optimization Engineer

    • Transmission Planner

    • Drive Tester

    • Project Manager

    • Software Developer


    Types of services offered

    Employee leasing companies offer a plethora of staffing solutions to their clients. It includes:

    • Temporary staffing: Enabling the client to respond to short-term temporary and/or flexible manpower needs with specific skill set requirements or for supplementing the workforce. These services could be of a part-time, full-time or job sharing nature.

    • Temporary-to-permanent services: The client can hire associates as temporary employees for a trial period of employment; after a satisfactory trial period, a company has the opportunity to add a temporary worker to its permanent staff

    • Long-term contract: Corporates can opt to enter into assignments for long-term and indefinite periods of time.

    • Managed services: Mentor E Servicesprovides the onsite management of the contingent workforce at the client facility. It retains the responsibility for the supervision of the leased employees as well as the accountability for the results of the facility or function that have been leased.

    • Mentor E Services also offers contract staffing, flexi-staffing and managed services for telecommunication engineers across the level.

    • Technical training Telecom companies requires trained manpower so we at Mentor E Services design and develop training programs which are tailored to meet specific needs of the organizations. These are based on , in depth assessment and analysis of the existing level of performance, and the level of performance which the organization wishes to achieve.